La Buya


La Buya is a high-energy horn and percussion band with a repertoire of original jazz, funk & groove music juxtaposed with traditional latin tunes. The music combines the melodic and percussive horns lines of Cocheme’a Costella (alto sax, bass clarinet) and Jessica Lurie (alto and tenor sax, flute) with the dynamic afro-cuban influences of percussionists Isabel Pupo-Walker and Neil Ochoa and drummer Chris Stromquist. Linked together by the rich tones of Alvaro Benavides’ electric bass and Aaron Halva’s tres guitar, the horns and percussion weave to create danceable grooves and improvisations. All of the players in La Buya are nationally and internationally recognized in the jazz, funk and groove scenes and have a long history of performing together in various ensembles. The combined star power of the individual members and the creative energy of the whole band is sure to fill a room and keep it moving.