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California! Aug 19-24!

After two weeks in Seattle I am now down in the Bay Area. The concerts in Seattle (Slingshot Songs, JLE, and a house concert) were wonderful and I’ll be getting up video and audio clips soon.

Great to be in California this week and excited to see friends and family and play a bunch of fun shows! Seems like a while since I’ve been here. From amazing weather in Seattle to equally gorgeous weather in San Fran… went running today in Golden Gate park and saw the Buffaloes and the ocean. Yes!

Tomorrow (Monday Aug 19) LIVING DAYLIGHTS drummer Dale Fanning and I team up with JAMBAY bass player Mike Sugar and guitarist extraordinaire John Schott at Cafe Trieste in Berkeley. This will be a blast! And the Tiptons Sax Quartet have two night at Duende with old friend Scotty Amendola on drums, and then we head to Chico and Arcata. In Arcata we hope to tear it up with Jenny Schienman too!
Then I am off to France for two weeks – the first week to travel in Normandy with my Dad,and the second to hang in Paris and do a bunch of playing with friends there – and see and listen to the Jean Tinguely sculptures at Place Pompadou!