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Hello February!

It’s chilly outside but I’m staying warm working on new music. The January Tiptons’ MYTHUNDERSTANDINGS project in Seattle was inspiring and went amazingly well, incredible collaborations and new directions! We will have video and audio up soon from the show and hope to revise and expand it further, and bring it to venues around the US and beyond.
In the works this month:
**a new demo by the new Sephardic music project SOFIE SALONIKA. We had our first gig last week, loose but fun, and more to come!
**Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums, “All Good Things” European tour, Feb. 17 – March 9, 2013.We’ll be playing in Germany, Austria, France and Italy February 17 – March 9 – check the dates on the calendar!
**Tiptons making a new CD in Europe, with Rober Kainar in drums. Looks like we’ll be recording in Vienna in early March.
and I am creating a bunch of new songs and instrumental pieces for the JLE, and booking dates now for later Spring and into next year.

Here is a link to the dance piece I created music for with choreographer/dancer Amy Kail, last November at the 92 Y. Performance of Xylem:

More soon and thanks! Jessica